FROM HOME July 6th - July 31st, 2020

COVID 19 & the GLWI Summer Intensive
This summer, we are committed to creating a comprehensive, engaging and unique virtual learning experience for our students! We recognize that in-person learning is optimal but we are excited to bring our curriculum to you at home during these times when physical distancing is important.

The GLWI faculty is working to structure the intensive to bring the same depth of learning of our in-person summer intensives while also using best practices for delivering our curriculum through online platforms.

To that end, recognizing that online learning needs more breathing time, the intensive will run for four weeks, rather than the usual three.

* Engagement with the courses will require 50+ hours per week, spread evenly across 5-7 days each week, for four weeks.
* Non-screen activities will include (on your own): reading, creating lesson books, painting, working with clay, handwork, flute/recorder practice, engagement with nature, writing.
* Reading done in advance will reduce the number of engagement hours during the four weeks of courses.

Join us as we delve into Rudolf Steiner’s complex picture of the developing human being in relationship to the how’s and why’s of the Waldorf pedagogy. Broaden your understanding of beauty, truth and goodness in student health and well-being. Explore nourishment for the senses and balance in lesson planning, deepening your understanding of the role storytelling and polarities play in presentations, group activities and artistic circle work.

Great Lakes Waldorf Institute’s 2020 summer courses and weekend workshops are designed to inspire, renew and challenge you.  Courses may be audited for professional development and continuing education opportunities or taken to earn a Waldorf Teaching Certificate or a Master’s of Arts degree in Education from Mount Mary University with the Waldorf Teaching Certificate.

Great Lakes Waldorf Institute has the experience and expertise to meet your educational goals.  Join us today!


Crafted for healthy breathing, each course includes a mix of content-based/pedagogical work, inner- and human development, movement, artistic experiences and discussions.  Come prepared for full days of learning!

For further information, please contact Sandra at 414.299.3820 or [email protected]



Early Childhood – Essentials of a Waldorf Kindergarten

Classes will consist of group circle activities, presentations/conversations, artistic and practical activities and journal work.

This course explores the specific needs of children ages 3 to 7. Topics will include an overview of the developing child; importance of rhythm; nourishment for the senses; imitation; the value and balance of both play and work and how the environment supports this; and the role of the teacher in this setting. Practical activities include Circle development, storytelling and simple and rod puppets, painting, coloring, handwork and more.



The Basics: Artistic Work in the Waldorf School I

Classes will be presented using the Waldorf approach, consisting of demonstrations, hands-on artistic work and some journal writing.

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to artistic work in the Waldorf school, including: pentatonic flute, form drawing, crayon drawing, wet-on-wet watercolor painting, pastel drawing, board drawing, yarn prep and knitting and (if you are already a knitter) crocheting.



Foundations – An Introduction to Waldorf Human Development: Birth to 21

Students will meet at 8:30 for artistic activities including Eurythmy. Classes will be presented using the Waldorf approach, consisting of group activities, lectures, group discussions and journal work.

This foundational course explores Rudolf Steiner’s complex picture of the human being, incarnation, and how his terminology is used in education. You will deepen your understanding of the history and goals of Waldorf education through the biography of Rudolf Steiner, and explore how the Waldorf curriculum can meet students’ needs.  Strategies to help children learn effectively will be shared.



Grades – Essentials of the Waldorf Curriculum

Classes will be presented using the Waldorf approach, consisting of group circle activities, lectures, group discussions and journal work.

This course will give students an introduction to the Waldorf teaching pedagogy (the three-fold lesson and the three-day cycle, working with living images, and creating student lesson books) and practical, hands-on work with lesson planning (the year overview, block planning, and circle and lesson planning). There will be an overview of the Waldorf “story to history “ curriculum (grades 1-8), lessons on choosing, remembering, and telling stories, and hands-on storytelling experiences. There will be a discussion on tending the grade school class environment, relationships with colleagues and class parents, homework, testing/alternative assessment, classroom management, and preparation for transitioning into high school.





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