Core Faculty and Staff

The GLWI Core Faculty and Staff meet monthly as the leadership team for the Teacher Development Program. The Core Faculty also serve as Advisors for the Teacher Development Program students.

Lori Barian, Director of Administration & Adult Enrichment

Courses: Lori has been an adjunct faculty in two of the three EC courses, EDU 645 Essentials of a Waldorf Kindergarten and 646 Meeting the Needs of the Young Child in the Kindergarten.

Lori Barian has both a BS and MA degree in English, and a certificate in Waldorf education through Arcturus in Chicago with additional training from LifeWays North America. Her professional work since 1988 has been primarily in nonprofit (Waldorf school & LifeWays included) administration and development, as well as serving five years part-time as Forest Kindergarten Teacher for the LifeWays Early Childhood Center in Milwaukee. She also has been actively involved since 1994 in the Anthroposophical Society as a volunteer, locally, regionally and nationally. She has two children, both alumni of Tamarack.

Nancy Kresin-Price, Director of Teacher Development

Courses: Nancy has been the lead teacher for Contemplative Practice, Transformational Thinking and Social Artistry, and has been an adjunct faculty for EDU 634 Language Arts, EDU 630 An Introduction to Waldorf Education and Child Development I, EDU 633 The Inner Life of the Waldorf Teacher and Classroom Management, EDU 641 Phases of Childhood and Child Development II, and EDU 631 Essentials of the Waldorf Curriculum

Nancy Kresin-Price has been involved in Waldorf education for over twenty years as a parent, administrator, and teacher. She helped to found the Tamarack Waldorf School in Milwaukee, WI and served as the school’s administrator for its first three years. She is deeply engaged in teaching a lively class of children in her second cycle of class teaching at Tamarack. The mother of five distinguished Waldorf children ranging in age from 10 to 26, she is also wife to another dynamic Waldorf class teacher and jazz musician.  She completed her doctorate at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Transformative Studies department. Her study focused on an action research project that trained teachers in techniques to build deeper teacher-student relationships through the mindful and contemplative practice of student observation.  Nancy recently published her Master’s thesis, entitled Social Sculpture: New Eyes for the World.  The book explores her theory of social artistry and documents her interviews with 17 prominent social artists from around the world in search of a common thread leading them each to a life of service. Nancy earned her BFA in acting from the DePaul/Goodman School of Drama in Chicago, completed her Waldorf certification through the Waldorf Teacher Develolpment Association, Ann Arbor, MI, earned her M.A. at the Barfield School of Sunbridge College, using Goethean methodologies and contemplative practice in academic research, and her Ph.D. from the California Institute for Integral Studies.

Pam Harsch, Early Childhood Program Coordinator

Courses: Pam has been the lead teacher for all three Summer Intensive early childhood courses EDU 645 Essentials of a Waldorf Kindergarten, 646 Meeting the Needs of the Young Child in the Kindergarten, and 647 Deepening Our Work and Preparing Children for First Grade and leads the Early Childhood retreats for all three Fall courses.

Pam Harsch taught in the Early Childhood program at Prairie Hill Waldorf School for 13 years and as an adjunct faculty member there for many more.  She served as PHWS’s Administrative Coordinator for the AWSNA Full membership and accreditation process has served as Faculty Chair.  She obtained her Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate from the UW-Milwaukee and AWSNA, her MS in Clinical Science, emphasis education and management from San Francisco State University, CA, and her BS Honors in Medical Technology and Philosophy from Marquette University.  She has served as a Great Lakes Teacher Training Instructor, Mount Mary College, since 2002.

Michael Imes, Summer Intensive Coordinator

Courses: Michael has been the lead teacher for all three fall courses EDU 700, 740, and 742, for all three Summer Intensive grades-oriented courses EDU 631, 634, and 642, and for all three Summer Intensive artistic courses EDU 632, 640, and 643.

Michael Imes was the Director of the Great Lakes teacher development program from its inception to 2011. Michael Imes received his MFA from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He also has a BA from Iowa Wesleyan College and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from the UW-Milwaukee and AWSNA. He taught grades 1-8 and 5-8 at Prairie Hill Waldorf School. Since 1988, he has been teaching ceramics at Carroll College, in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Mary Ruud, Foundation Studies Coordinator

Courses: Mary has been the lead teacher for the Introduction to Waldorf Education, Child Development I and II and the Inner Life of the Waldorf Teacher, which are Summer Intensive courses EDU 630, 633, and 641.

 Mary Ruud has taught eurythmy to children and adults for over 25 years, including 12 years at the Urban Waldorf School, and works as a therapeutic eurythmist. As an adult educator, Mary teaches for Great Lakes Waldorf Insitute, the LifeWays North America Early Childhood Training, and the Waldorf program at the Kentahnten Teacher Training program in Louisville, Kentucky.  Mary received her Masters in Liberal Studies in 2005 with an emphasis on ecology and earth healing.

Dawn Van Kley, Applied Arts Coordinator

Courses: Dawn has been an adjunct teacher in the first and third Summer Intensive artistic courses EDU 632 and 643 and in the third EC course EDU 647. She teaches sewing, knitting, soft toy making (dolls, marionettes, etc.) plant dying, felting, woodworking, and working with other natural materials. Dawn has also offered several of the Practical Arts Saturday workshops during the Summer Intensives.

Dawn has a BA in Studio Art and Psychology from Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, Illinois. She has been teaching handwork at Prairie Hill Waldorf School since 1990. Dawn has presented workshops in felting wool, knitting, spinning for children and adults. She completed the Juniper Tree Puppetry Training through Suzanne Down 2003-2005, attended Handwork Conferences at Kimberton WS with Margareta Eischenholz, has done Foundation Year Course work at Arcturus, Chicago, IL, and Waldorf Teacher Summer Intensives at GLWI Milwaukee, WI.

Laura Cassidy, Early Childhood Core Faculty Member

Courses: Laura has been an adjunct teacher for all three Summer Intensive early childhood courses EDU 645 Essentials of a Waldorf Kindergarten, 646 Meeting the Needs of the Young Child in the Kindergarten, and 647 Deepening Our Work and Preparing Children for First Grade and has contributed to the Early Childhood retreats for all three Fall courses.

Laura Cassidy trained under Cynthia Aldinger, and is a graduate of the LifeWays training, as well as the Gradalis Early Childhood Remedial training. She is the proud mother of three Prairie Hill Waldorf School alumni and has served the school in many roles, including school janitor, Parent-Tot Playgroup teacher, WonderGarden Preschool founder and teacher, 1st Grade assistant teacher, Kindergarten assistant, and for eight years, Kindergarten Lead Teacher. Laura also takes great joy in the art of calligraphy and is often called upon to use her talent to make signs, graduation certificates (including GLWI’s) and other beautiful documents.

Shari Egan, Bookkeeper

Shari Egan has been working as a bookkeeper for various businesses, nonprofit organizations, and attorneys’ offices since 1989. She has a BA in Accounting and Business Administration from Lakeland College and an Associate Degree in Legal Secretarial Science from Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are invited to teach during the GLWI Summer Intensives as well as for other courses and workshops we may offer.  The list below is not exhaustive.

Donna Abler, Sensory Integration/Remedial Work

Donna Abler has a BS in Occupational Therapy and has practiced in a wide variety of settings including public and private schools, birth to three programs, private practice, and Children’s Hospital of WI. Her specialties include sensory integration, neuro-developmental treatment  (NDT) and reflex integration. She is also a certified provider of interactive metronome as well as a reiki and energy medicine practitioner.

Jacqueline Beecher, Intro to Waldorf Education Pedagogy, Math Activities, and Form Drawing

Jacqueline Beecher is a long-time Waldorf class teacher, Waldorf teacher educator, and the founder of both The Orchard, LifeWays affiliated early childhood center in Madison and the Madison Waldorf School.

Linda Bergh, Biography Work

Linda Bergh has worked with Anthroposophy and Waldorf education for 30 years including serving as core teacher for the Novalis Institute in the Twin Cities – an adult collaborative serving the Waldorf, anthroposophic and wider community. She has a deep interest in biography work. Professionally, she has a Masters in Psychology and Counseling and has worked as a public and Waldorf school teacher and administrator, as a college professor, and as a child psychologist. After the death of her daughter in 1996, Linda Bergh published She would Draw Flowers, a book of poetry by Kirsten Bergh. She has been working herself, with her community, and with Nancy Poer in the field of death and dying since that time.

Claudia Browne, Language Arts – Ann Arbor, MI

Claudia Browne is a Waldorf class teacher who has taught 20+ years in Waldorf schools as a class teacher (Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, Waldorf School of Milwaukee) and 2 years as a French teacher. She also taught “Kinderbridge” classes at Prairie Hill and Ann Arbor for 5-6 summers. Prior teaching experience includes seven years in Sheboygan Public Schools as well as adult education courses for the Waldorf Institute of Southeast Michigan. She is the AWSNA representative for the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, serves on the summer conference committee for AWSNA and is involved in mentoring, in AWSNA school visits, and in accreditation visits. Her alma mater is MacMurray College (liberal arts) in Illinois, where she majored in physical education and minored in English and French.

Chet Celenza, Movement and Games, Folk Dancing

Chet received his Waldorf teacher training through Arcturus, in Chicago. He taught at Prairie Hill Waldorf School from 2002 to 2008, and at Tamarack and Prairie Hill intermittently since then. He has worked as a class teacher and a music teacher; he also taught movement and games, and woodworking. He has also directed the Shepherd’s Play for the Milwaukee area community for a number of years.

Sherris Corby, Blackboard Drawing

Sherris Corby took a class from first through eighth grade at Prairie Hill Waldorf School. She earned her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Sunbridge College, Spring Valley, NY.

Barb Danner, Speech, Drama Overview and Play

Barbara Danner is working as class teacher at Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School in Viroqua, WI. Barbara is a trained actress and certified Waldorf teacher. She has directed numerous class plays including works by Shakespeare, Christopher Fry and Owen Barfield. She has written a number of plays for classes and workshops as well, including an adaptation of the Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnall. She also has directed the Shepherd’s Play for the Milwaukee area community numerous times.

Peg Kasun, Choral Singing

Peg Kasun has led choral singing for the Summer Intensive a number of years. Having worked as both a music educator and music therapist, Ms. Kasun is Director of Music at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Milwaukee. Peg enjoys conducting and playing for musical theater productions, and directs the Youth Choir and Schola Cantorum at St. Gregory the Great parish.

Corrine Lorian, Finding My Star

Corrine Lorian began 37 years ago as Waldorf parent and has 27 years Waldorf teaching experience in kindergarten and the grades.  She has been a class teacher at Prairie Hill Waldorf School for the last 12 years. Over the years, has given numerous lectures, workshops, and served as mentor for schools and individual teachers.

Amy Marks, Classroom Management

Amy Marks grew up in Seattle, Washington. She is married with two young children at Tamarack. She enjoys family time in nature or museums, knitting, drawing, painting, writing, reading, hiking, and leading a poetry group. She has taught at the Olympia and Portland Waldorf schools and at Tamarack for 13 years. She is currently in her 22st year of teaching at a Waldorf school. Education: B.A. at the Evergreen State College; Teacher Education Program, the Evergreen State College & Western Washington University, Waldorf Training with Master Teacher Bill Bryant.

Seth Miller, Transformational Thinking

Seth Miller has taught physics, philosophy, math, and other subjects in Waldorf high schools across the American West, and is currently an adjunct lecturer in John F. Kennedy University’s Consciousness and Transformative Studies program, from which he also received his master’s degree with a thesis entitled “The Elements as an Archetype of Transformation: An Exploration of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire”.  He is currently writing a PhD dissertation in the nascent academic field of transformative studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, in which he address connections between spiritual science and cybernetic epistemology. The current working title is “Towards an Aesthetic Epistemology: Transforming Thinking through Anthroposophy and Cybernetic Epistemology.”  He recently published a book introducing  the anthroposophically-inspired geometric and sculptural work of Frank Chester, and does freelance web and print design for food as sole proprietor of Spirit Alchemy Design.

Michele Peterson, Classroom Management

Michele graduated the Tamarack class of 2006 and is in her second 8-year cycle of teaching at Tamarack. She earned her Waldorf Teacher certification from Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Teacher Education in Chicago, and a certificate from Lifeways Early Childhood Program. She is pursuing further coursework in Communications with a writing emphasis.

Barbara Prendergast, Watercolor Painting

Barbara taught for many years at Urban Waldorf School, in Milwaukee. She received her Waldorf training from Emerson College in England and her Masters in Education from Mt. Mary College, in conjunction with the Great Lakes Teacher Training Program. She is completing a Ph.D. program as well.

John Price, Science and Classroom Management

John Price grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He is an active string bassist, performing and recording in the area. In his free time he also enjoys running and writing plays for adults and children. In college, Mr. Price pursued both music and film studies. He earned his Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate in the Ann Arbor WTDA Program. One of the founding teachers of Tamarack Waldorf School in 1996, he is currently serving as a class teacher at Tamarack Waldorf School.

Kim Snyder-Vine, Speech & Drama

Kim Snyder-Vine holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Az., 1975; an Orientation Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies, from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College, Detroit, Mi., 1977; and a Four-Year Goetheanum Diploma from the London School of Speech Formation, London, U.K., 1983.

She has been teaching, performing and consulting in creative speech, drama, and hygienic speech, for children and adults, in Waldorf Schools and Waldorf Teacher Training Institutes, as well as private and public venues, worldwide, since 1983.  Kim was a founding member of Portal Productions, London, U.K. and Alchymia Theatre, Chicago, Illinois.  Among others, she has performed with Ashdown Eurythmy, The London Eurythmy Group, Midwest Eurythmy Group, Eurythmeum Stuttgart and Lemniscate Arts, in conjunction with Eurythmy Spring Valley.

Kim’s favorite and most notable performance to date has been in the lead role of the proud mother/step-mother of three wildly creative and amazing, former Waldorf students.  She is presently residing in Northwest Ohio helping her elderly parents.

Gideon Weick, Child Development and Curriculum

Gideon trained at Emerson College and has been involved with Anthroposophy for 30+ years. He has been a class teacher at the Minnesota Waldorf School since 1989.