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Whether a student is seeking a Certificate only or a Master of Arts Degree, GLWI’s program is conducted at a graduate level. Thus, students should have a bachelor’s degree prior to admission to the program sequence, although there is no specific major of study or degree area required.

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If you are seeking to earn a certificate of completion in Waldorf Teaching from GLWI with or without a Master of Arts Degree in Education with a Waldorf Emphasis in Partnership with Mount Mary University, you will need to complete a Student Application Form and submit the required attachments. Please use this GLWI Student Application Form to begin your relationship with us: Student Application Form 2016.

If you prefer to complete your application for enrollment process online rather than by mail, please use the PayPal feature below to pay your $40 Application Fee.

If you are seeking to earn a Master’s Degree, you will also need to apply as a graduate student to Mount Mary University. Prospective students may also visit Mount Mary’s website at

Register for Upcoming Courses:

To register for Mount Mary University EDU courses, you will need to follow Mount Mary’s registration procedures AND register with Great Lakes in order to pay Supply Fees. Please look on our Events page for online registration information. For graduate department information or Mount Mary University application forms:

Contact Deb Dosemagen, Director of Mount Mary’s Graduate Education Program

(414) 256-1214, ext. 214 or email To register for Great Lakes Waldorf Institute GLWI courses, which include GLWI Foundations courses and GLWI Independent Study Fieldwork and Practicum courses, you will only need to register through GLWI. For Fieldwork and Practicum courses, use the Independent Study Proposal and Registration forms and/or online registration on our Events page.

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