CCP Independent Study Courses

Because a CCP student may need to work with an advisor to take an Independent Study course specifically to fulfill a particular requirement, one may register for such courses on this page. Once such an Independent Study Course has been approved by your advisor, you will then be permitted to use the shopping cart below as a way to register and pay your tuition and fees using a credit card or otherwise via PayPal. Tuition for Independent Study courses is $545 per credit. Thank you!

CCP Course

Anthroposophical Foundations

Every year, GLWI offers one course that is considered an Anthroposophical Foundations course. There are three such courses that cycle around:

  • Contemplative Practice: Beginning a Path of Transformation
  • Transformational Thinking: A New Look at “Looking”
  • Social Artistry: Building the Vessel of Relationship

Each of these courses begins with a Friday-Sunday retreat after the first of the year and continues with an online course including 10 weeks of reading, journaling, artistic activities and posting online.

These courses are required for the Grades and Early Childhood Teaching Certificates of Completion, but these courses are also open to the public for general adult enrichment and continuing education. In fact, the public are welcome to register for and participate in the retreat as a stand