Distance Learning

To better meet the demand for trained teachers, we have designed our certificate program to serve people who live at a distance from Milwaukee. Students are required to come to Milwaukee three times per year for three years:

  • During the three year program, the 3-week Summer Intensives, which begin on the first Monday following the 4th of July, must be attended in person.
  • The fall EDU courses meets one night per week for 7 or 8 weeks, with an in-person retreat the first weekend in November. Distance students participate in the weeknights via our video conferencing service GoToTraining and are required to attend the weekend retreat.
  • The spring GLWI Foundations courses each begin with an in-person weekend retreat the first weekend in February. The remainder of the course is online, on the student’s own schedule.
  • The three GLWI Independent Study Fieldwork and Practicum courses include observation and practice teaching at various Waldorf schools.

Student Lodging Options

Those students who come to the Summer Intensives and weekend retreats from a distance stay in a variety of places, including the homes of friends, family, local students and faculty, airbnb rentals, UW-Milwaukee Guest Housing, Marquette University Guest Housing, couch surfing rentals, and guest rooms in area Waldorf families’ homes.