The World Needs More Waldorf…The World Needs You!

Looking around the world today, one may be struck by the need for more love and tolerance, more thoughtful action, more practical decision making that honors the long-range impact of human activity. Waldorf education develops these capacities in children, and endeavors to “send them forth in freedom, to impart direction and purpose to their lives.”

But Waldorf schools need teachers who have the background and experience to truly embody the Waldorf pedagogical principles and practices. That’s where you come in.

• You can contribute financially to the GLWI Scholarship Fund and help our adult students complete the program.
• You can become a GLWI student and a Waldorf teacher.
• You can serve on a GLWI committee or its Board of Directors.


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And here’s a letter from a recent graduate:

Dear Friends,

This year, I enthusiastically accepted the first grade teaching position at Prairie Hill Waldorf School. It is the most amazingly rewarding paid job I could ever imagine, and Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI) made this possible. I feel empowered to share with the children’s parents the philosophy behind the curriculum as well as to serve as a guide for each of my students on their own Waldorf journey.

My Waldorf journey began nearly 23 years ago. When my oldest son was an infant, I heard about Waldorf education from both a college professor and my sister within months of each other. Over the next several years, I learned more and soon couldn’t imagine my son not attending a Waldorf school.

Fast forward several years when my youngest child was ready to enter the 1st grade, I knew I didn’t want to go back into social work and, by then, I had completely fallen in love with the education my three children were receiving at Prairie Hill. My calling to teach was so overwhelming I couldn’t deny it. When everything (babysitters, finances, etc.) fell into place that summer, I knew I had made the right decision.

I started the classes at GLWI and soaked up the information I was receiving like soaking in the sun. I learned why Steiner set up the curriculum the way he did and how to accept and nurture each child at his/her own developmental level. As I grew in my understanding of the educational foundation of Waldorf, I came to know at a deeper level why I love the curriculum as much as I do.

My classmates became my second family and support, and the teachers became my mentors. I couldn’t wait for each class to begin. While I came to deeply appreciate the philosophy and to embrace the curriculum of each grade, what I was learning also enhanced my mothering skills and helped me provide continuity between home and school for my three sons. (They are now succeeding in their continuing education after graduating from Prairie Hill.)

To make Waldorf education sustainable and available to our children, now and in the future, it is important to continue to educate future teachers. Please donate to GLWI so that others may realize their dream of bringing Waldorf to the next generation. Your donation will:

  • Support GLWI’s Scholarship Program, offering financial aid to students – $5,000
  • Bring in guest teachers from around the world, such as Christiaan Boele and his “Uncovering the Voice” singing workshops – $2,000
  • Provide faculty and students with a needed resource library – $1,000
  • Increase GLWI’s visibility through advertising and website improvements – $2,000

Your gift will positively contribute to the lives of GLWI’s adult students and their students and families as well as to our world’s sustainable future.


Nancy Husanu