Independent Study Courses

As part of GLWI’s 3-year part-time program, students take three Independent Study courses: Fieldwork I, Fieldwork II, and the Practicum. The prerequisite for FWI is successful completion of at least one other GLWI course, which can be drawn upon for perspective while doing the observations.  The prerequisite for FWII is FWI. To begin the Practicum, all other GLWI coursework must be successfully completed, with some exceptions that can be approved by your advisor.

There are two steps needed to enroll in one of the following Independent Study Courses:

  1. Complete the attached Independent Study Proposal 2014-15 form and submit it to your faculty advisor for approval.
  2. Once you have received approval, you will be given a pass code that will allow you to go to open this page that includes the shopping cart for actual online registration.

☐ Fieldwork I – GLWI FWI, 1 credit, 15 hours of observation, plus other coursework

☐ Fieldwork II – GLWI FWII, 2 credits, 30 hours of observation/teaching, plus other coursework

☐ Practicum – GLWI PRCT, 4 credits, 8 weeks as a student teacher, plus other coursework

Prior to paying, you need to have your proposal approved by your Faculty Advisor, defining the locations, dates and intentions for your study.

Tuition for all GLWI courses is $545 per credit. This must be paid by September 15 for fall Independent Study and by January 15 for spring Independent Study. Payment plans may be approved.

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