For 2016 Summer Intensive Courses and Practical Arts Saturdays


We are so happy to welcome you register for the 2016 Summer Intensive courses and Practical Arts Saturdays.

GLWI Students

As a GLWI new or returning student, accepted into the 3-year certificate program, you may register here with GLWI for your Summer Intensive Courses.

GLWI Registration

If you are a GLWI new or returning student, you will need to pay supply fees for your Summer Intensive courses to Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. Please use the online GLWI registration options below or this Summer 2016 Supply Fees & Registration form to pay your supply fees and thereby register with GLWI for your Summer Intensive courses.

Practical Arts Saturdays

The two Saturday workshops are free for GLWI Summer Intensive students except for the cost of the supplies. This is the last summer intensive when GLWI will not charge some sort of tuition to its students for these.

Mount Mary University Registration

If you are are a GLWI new or returning student, you will need to pay tuition for your Summer Intensive courses to Mount Mary University. Please visit this MMU webpage for more information and the links you need to register. In the MMU online course catalogue, you will be choosing the courses from the 2015 -2016 Academic Year – Summer with a Course Code beginning with “EDU.” Please NOTE:

  • Graduate students take these courses for CREDIT.
  • Certificate students AUDIT these courses and apply as Special Students.
  • ALL students will receive GLWI CREDIT regardless of their MMU status.

Community Participants

If you are not a current GLWI student, you are still welcome to take various workshops for your own enrichment.  You may even take a whole course for graduate credit for your own professional development.  If you are a community participant, please visit this page.

Please use the the registration options below ONLY if you are a returning or new GLWI student.

If you have any questions, please do contact

Summer Intensive
Courses and Workshops
Product Options
1EDU 641 Supplies$5.00
2EDU 642 GRADES Supplies$5.00
3EDU 647 EC Supplies$35.00
4EDU 643 Supplies$40.00
5Sat. July 9 - Supplies$5.00
6Sat. July 16 - Dolls Making$5.00
Shipping Rate: F


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