If we’re educating people for work, then…

August 23, 2014 in New Wave Education by admin

New Wave Education…or Raising Humanity

It’s hard to start something new and give it a name at the same time. It’s like giving birth…who are you? what will you become? Is the name I give you today going to fit you tomorrow or will you grow out of it?

Oh, well…still it feels like the time to start. I had thought of the name “new wave education” because of the GLWI wave. Yet, I also feel that the overarching theme is actually “raising humanity.”

Yesterday, I was at my 35-year high school reunion and spoke with a class mate about our young adults sons. His son is 19 and mine 20, but they both had a less than stellar first year in college, even though they’re both very capable and confident young adult men.
Our culture promotes intellectual learning and college degrees as THE way to be successful in life. Yet, if one looks at the variety of work that happens on any given day, much is practical, physical and skilled labor; much is artistic, musical, dramatic, architectural or otherwise creative activity. Why, then, do we, in our assessment of the success of schools or individuals, downplay the value of these other aspects of human activity? And what do we lose in the process?

Here’s a brief description of Waldorf education and its goals. I would add that a Waldorf student’s well-rounded education allows them to feel comfortable choosing whatever life/work path for which they feel well-suited (pun intended) and to feel comfortable outgrowing that ‘suit’ and putting on a new one when that time comes.

In this blog, I look forward to exploring this and other themes related to education. I hope you’ll participate in the conversation.