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December 11, 2013 in news by GLWI

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When I enrolled in GLWI, I did not intend to become a teacher. I was hoping to supplement my studies in Library and Information Science, and as a parent I wanted to know more about Anthroposophy. After completing three years in the Grades training program, I knew I had only begun to scratch the surface, and I returned to complete my Early Childhood training. By the time I graduated from GLWI with my Waldorf Certification and my Masters in Education, I was a Waldorf teacher. I can think of no greater endorsement for a teacher training program than that.


Early Childhood painting class, July 2013: Faith Danneil, Siobhain Dobrovolny, Pam Harsch, Rebecca Schwarzberg, Megan Suttman.

I use what I learned at GLWI every day in my pre-­kindergarten classroom, and I continue to call on my former classmates and teachers for support and advice. I hold the children in my class every day with the knowledge that GLWI has provided me with a solid foundation and continues to offer me support and guidance.

My gratitude for this organization and my desire to help other teachers “find themselves” has led me to join the GLWI Board, and we need your help. Your gift can help an individual begin the path toward teaching in a Waldorf school, or it can help an experienced teacher work toward certification. It can help bring world renowned teachers like Kim Snyder-Vine to the summer intensive, and it can help support our experienced and talented teacher training faculty.

-­‐-­‐ Faith Danneil, 2012 GLWI Graduate, Tamarack Waldorf School faculty member, GLWI Board member

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