News from Great Lakes Waldorf Institute

November 12, 2011 in news by GLWI

We at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute are thrilled to be announcing a number of improvements to our program, all intended to enhance students’ learning experience, deepen their understanding of the thinking behind Waldorf education, and strengthen their preparation for Waldorf teaching.

As you will see on the new 3-year Waldorf Teacher Development Program overview, the most noticeable change is that we have added two spring semester GLWI Foundations courses. These courses will focus on the anthroposophical background to Waldorf education, using texts by Rudolf Steiner and others. The two themes are contemplative practice and transformational thinking. This will allow in-depth work in these foundational subjects and free up curriculum courses (which previously had such study incorporated) to focus on a deeper understanding of the whys behind the curriculum.

Another noticeable change, already made last summer, is that we have increased our requirements for fieldwork and practicum independent study courses. We had been hearing from area Waldorf schools that our students need more time in the classroom, both observing experienced teachers and practice teaching themselves, in order to have the confidence that shines! Part of the 4-credit practicum independent study course is the Capstone Project, a newly added opportunity for students to do a creative and thoughtful culminating project demonstrating their knowledge and exercising their skills. Students who are working toward their master’s degree can use their Master’s Thesis for their Capstone Project.

For any returning student, we will honor what was stated as requirements when you began the program; however, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the additions and improvements. We will make financial accommodations to enable your participation in the full program offered now.

What is less noticeable, but also implemented already last summer, is that we are assigning a faculty advisor to each student. The faculty advisor helps the student be clear about the expectations and process by which they can earn a certificate of completion for the 3-year program and supports the student through all three independent study courses.

We are still looking into the possibility of offering both our fall and spring courses as a combination of in-person and on-line coursework. More will be said once final decisions are made.

All these improvements, plus our efforts to continue to improve our student services and overall professionalism as an adult education institution, have necessitated an increase in administrative fees for all courses and tuition for the GLWI independent study and foundation studies courses. Starting in July 2011, administrative fees will be $75 per credit for all EDU and GLWI courses, and tuition for all GLWI (not Mount Mary EDU) courses will be $250 per credit.

We are all looking forward to starting a new 3-year cycle with greater strength and quality, and we will appreciate being able to serve you better as well.