Thank you, Belden Paulson!

July 25, 2012 in news by admin

Great Lakes Waldorf Institute owes much gratitude to Belden Paulson,

Belden Paulson receives Certificate of Appreciation

who while chair of the Center for Urban Community Development (CUCD) of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which focused on inner-city poverty and racism, helped found the first public Waldorf School in the United States, which meant hosting the first Milwaukee-area Waldorf teacher training at UW-M.

Now, although the public Waldorf school no longer exists, many of those who went through that first training program are now leaders in the Waldorf movement in our region, including Michael Imes and Pam Harsch of GLWI.

Bel gave the commencement address for our graduation ceremony Saturday, July 21, and we gave him a plaque with a Certificate of Appreciation for “his bold leadership and active support for Waldorf education, specifically for hosting the Waldorf teacher training at UW-Milwaukee, launching many leaders in the Waldorf movement regionally.”

Belden and his wife Lisa founded High Wind, an experimental ecological community in Wisconsin and co-sponsored a wide variety of educational programs with UWM that focused on “new paradigm thinking.” Several years ago, the High Wind Association transferred property to two Buddhist groups. Belden and Lisa are now assisting the Shambhala Buddhists to establish Windhorse, a Midwest retreat and sustainability center, while also continuing to help the High Wind Foundation to fund the initiatives of other groups.