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Independent Study: 1 Unit of Coursework or Fieldwork I



Independent Coursework

Advisor approval required – 1 unit

Fieldwork I Course

15 hours – 1 unit – year 1

Fieldwork I is an observational survey course undertaken in the first year of the program.  It is recommended that trainees attempt to experience a broad spectrum of Waldorf education regardless of the focus or specific interests of the trainee. GLWI expects documentation of a total of 15 hours spent in observation for completion of this course.

Course requirements include:

  • Independent Study Proposal – Fieldwork I with advisor approval
  • Course Registration Form and Payment
  • Observation Journal
  • Log of classroom visits documenting 15 hours of observation
  • 5-7 page Reflection Review Paper.

Course Registration and Payment

Once the advisor approves and signs the proposal, the student is required to submit the signed proposal with a completed Independent Study Registration Form along with payment of tuition to GLWI via the GLWI Director of Administration.  Once course tuition is paid, the student may begin the course of study agreed upon between student and advisor. Credit will not be granted for work done prior to proposal submission and approval and payment of registration fee.  (Forms can be found at the back of your GLWI Student Handbook).  Please see handbook for full information.

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Grade School Classroom Observation Guide
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