Independent Study: 4 Unit Practicum


60 hours – 4 credits – spring 3

The GLWI teaching practicum is an extended student teaching placement that requires a trainee to work in a Waldorf school for 8 full weeks (usually 2 four-week blocks) while being observed and mentored by a trained, experienced Waldorf teacher that has been agreed upon by GLWI.


Important Information:

  • Total tuition must be paid in full prior to the start of your Independent Study.
  • Go to Payment Plan Options to view other than full payment choices.

Credit will not be granted for work done prior to proposal submission and approval and payment of registration fee.

  • I have read the Student Handbook and the Practicum Guide and understand the expectations for this course
  • My detailed plan has been approved by my advisor


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GLWI Fieldwork Observation
Early Childhood Classroom Observation Guide
Grade School Classroom Observation Guide



Course Requirements

  • Action Research Project
    • 8-week Practicum with DTD/advisor approval
    • Action Research Paper
      • 40-60 pages for Master’s degree students
      • 20-25 pages for Certificate only students
    • Log of classroom experiences documenting 60 hours of teaching
    • Observation & Teaching Journal
    • Cooperating teacher Evaluation Form (one for every teacher who observes your teaching during the practicum)
  • Student Portfolio that includes:
    • Cross-curricular resources collected throughout the 3-year sequence
    • Journal or articles of outside experiences during the last 3 years
    • Final Reflection Paper (5-10 pages – see guidelines)
    • Capstone Presentation for GLWI faculty, staff, & community members


To be eligible to receive credit for the Practicum, the Certificate-only trainee must be a currently enrolled GLWI student in good standing.  All requirements of Fieldwork I and II must be complete prior to advancement to the teaching practicum as well as successful completion of all other GLWI courses.

If you are planning to complete the program in 3 years, you will be simultaneously enrolled in the Fall EDU curriculum course along with the Fall portion of the research Workshop (part of EDU 705, included in the cost for Practicum). In the Spring you will enroll in the Foundations course while you are completing your teaching practicum.

For MA students, in addition to both GLWI Fieldwork courses, the MMU EDU 715 course must be successfully complete before enrolling in EDU 705 and EDU 706 (which can be taken simultaneously or in sequence, as needed.)

Master’s Degree

For student’s enrolled in the Master’s program, the GLWI practicum year runs seamlessly with the final two courses that must be undertaken in this degree program through MMU. Our Director of Teacher Development works closely alongside the MMU Director of Graduate Education as an adjunct faculty member for MMU to create a practicum experience that is relevant and accepted by both the MMU and GLWI branches of the program. There are 3 courses you will use to complete your project that includes your related teaching practicum:

  • EDU 705 (2 credits)
  • EDU 706 (4 credits)
  • GLWI Practicum (4 credits)