Independent Study: 2 Unit Coursework or Fieldwork II


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☐ Fieldwork II – GLWI FWII, 2 units, 30 hours of observation/teaching, plus other coursework

☐ Independent Coursework – 2 units, Advisor approval required

Important Information:

  • Total tuition must be paid in full prior to the start of your Independent Study.
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Credit will not be granted for work done prior to proposal submission and approval and payment of registration fee.

  • I have read the Student Handbook and the Practicum Guide (if applicable) and understand the expectations for this course
  • My detailed plan has been approved by my advisor

Fieldwork II is a participatory course ideally undertaken in the second year of the program, prior to the 3rd Summer.  It includes further classroom observation and provides the student with the opportunity to become familiar with the role of the teacher and the dynamics of the classroom.  It will consist partially of practice teaching as an assistant or serving as a guest teacher in music, crafts, or another curriculum area in which the trainee has an interest or expertise.  GLWI expects documentation of a total of 30 hours spent in the classroom for completion of this course with, as a general guideline, 20-25 hours in observation and 5-10 hours in practice teaching. It is to the student’s advantage to do as much practice teaching as possible.

Through observation and practice, students gain an understanding of instructional planning, teaching strategies, classroom management, and how each can be implemented in the classroom.  FW-II helps students learn (1) classroom observation and lesson planning skills; (2) ways to design, implement, and assess individual, small group, and whole class activities; and (3) how to explore their own individual instructional strengths and challenges in preparation for the student teaching experience.  Also it is helpful during this course to keep an eye toward finding a cooperating mentor teacher for the student’s Practicum the following year.

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