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Pay Full Independent Study Registration $1,090/FWII, $2,180/Practicum


Register for the following GLWI Independent Study coursework:

☐ Fieldwork II – GLWI FWII, 2 units, 30 hours of observation/teaching, plus other coursework

☐ Practicum – GLWI PRCT, 4 units, 8 weeks as a student teacher, plus other coursework.

Tuition = $545 per unit x __________ units = $__________

Total tuition amount must be remitted when using this online payment option.

Important Information:

  • Total tuition must be paid in full prior to the start of your Independent Study.
  • If you want to use the 4-payment plan for either FWII or your Practicum, please use the preceding 4-Plan window.
  • An alternative payment plan may be arranged with the Director of Administration with agreed upon remittance made before the start of your Independent Study. Please call Sandra Martin at 414.299.3820 to discuss this option.

Credit will not be granted for work done prior to proposal submission and approval and payment of registration fee.

  • I have read the Student Handbook and the Practicum Guide (if applicable) and understand the expectations for this course
  • My detailed plan has been approved by my advisor
Indep Stdy Registration FWI, FWII, Pract
GLWI Fieldwork Observation
Early Childhood Classroom Observation Guide
Grade School Classroom Observation Guide
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