Instructional Strategies: Teaching Geography Weekend Retreat for Professional Development


Through the lens of “instructional strategies,” the weekend retreat will explore various approaches to presenting the four-fold aspect of this subject- physical geography, cultural geography (social studies), inner geography (the way children perceive their surroundings and the whole world), and body geography (awareness of one’s own body in space).  Although there are a number of strategies that awaken awareness of individual, social, and physical geography, the focus will be on memory, synergy, cooperation, collaboration, and direct instruction.  Practice with these methods will build awareness for the different ways one can approach the teaching of any subject, providing valuable tools for the teacher’s toolbox.

In addition to presentations and conversations on the theme, the evening and weekend event will incorporate hands-on experiences with map making, artistic activities, circle work, and other individual and group geography activities for the classroom.


TUITION: Includes materials, light breakfast each morning, and 2 community suppers (Thursday and Friday).