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Application Process

Certificate only or a Master of Arts Degree Prerequisite:

Whether a student is seeking a Certificate only or a Master of Arts Degree, GLWI’s program is conducted at a graduate level. Thus, students should have a bachelor’s degree prior to admission to the program sequence, although there is no specific major of study or degree area required.


All Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI) students need to submit a one-time application form to GLWI with the stated attachments and an application fee of $50.

Students pursing a master’s degree will need to apply separately to Mount Mary University to be accepted into their Master of Arts degree in Education with a Waldorf Certificate. You must be accepted into the GLWI program before Mount Mary University can formally accept you as a graduate student.

Waldorf-Affiliated Institute Courses Should Count

GLWI has offers a credit transfer process for courses taken at other Waldorf-affiliated Institutes.  You may be granted credit for some or all of your previously documented coursework. The GLWI Core Faculty will make an admissions decision, transfer credit decision, and course recommendations. Our program operates on a rolling admissions cycle and students can enter during any year of the program.

Complete the Transfer of Credit from Waldorf-affiliated Institutes Application form, and submit with required documentation and the $50 verification fee.

Certificate Completion Program for Experienced Waldorf Teachers

While training is important, we at GLWI want to honor and acknowledge your years of classroom teaching experience as well as any training you may have already completed as we help you work toward your Waldorf Certificate. With these goals in mind, we have designed a Certificate Completion Program (CCP) for active teachers without a formal Waldorf training credential who wish to earn an AWSNA affiliated certificate of completion.

In order to apply for the CCP for Experience Educators, teachers must have at least 8 years of Waldorf classroom teaching experience at an AWSNA affiliated Waldorf School. If a practicing teacher is without a bachelor’s degree, they may appeal to the Core Faculty to be admitted to the CCP only – but will not be eligible to receive credit towards a Master’s degree.

The process is easy. Submit the student application form with documents and $50 fee along with the Certificate Completion Program Application form and $50 verification fee.


Registering for the Master of Arts degree:

For graduate department information or Mount Mary University application forms:

Contact Deb Dosemagen, Director of Mount Mary’s Graduate Education Program

(414) 256-1214, ext. 214 or email dosemagd@mtmary.edu