Certificate Completion Program for Experienced Teachers

Your Classroom Experience Should Count

While training is important, we at Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (GLWI) want to honor and acknowledge your years of classroom teaching experience as well as any training you may have already completed as we help you work toward your Waldorf Teaching Certificate of Completion. With these goals in mind, we offer a Certificate Completion Program (CCP) for active teachers without a formal Waldorf training credential who wish to earn an AWSNA affiliated certificate of completion.

Individualized Program

The nature of this program is extremely individualized and will vary from teacher to teacher depending on previous experience and training. In order to learn how the program can be individualized for you, request a review of the credits you may have earned through another training institute as well as an evaluation of experience through a demonstration of mastery in specific subject areas as a result of previous teaching experience.

The review fee for this comprehensive evaluation is $50. Once the review is complete, GLWI will be able to recommend a specific course of study designed to support you as you move toward completion of your certificate. In a conversation with the Program Director, you will be able to discuss and finalize course selection and gain clarification about how our program will not only draw from but also enhance your classroom practice and experiences.

Prerequisites and Program Features

  • In order to apply for the CCP for Experience Educators, teachers must have at least 8 years of Waldorf classroom teaching experience at an AWSNA affiliated Waldorf School.
  • Whether a student is seeking a Certificate only or a Master of Arts Degree, GLWI’s program is conducted at a graduate-level. Thus, students should have proof of a bachelor’s degree before admission to the program, although there is no specific major of study or degree area required. If a practicing teacher is without a bachelor’s degree, they may appeal to the Core Faculty to be admitted to the CCP only – but they will not be eligible to receive credit towards a Master’s degree.
  • A Master of Arts in Education with a Waldorf Emphasis may also be available through our partnership with Mount Mary University. Students seeking a graduate degree from Mount Mary must also apply to the Graduate Education Department of Mount Mary University. Transcripts are required.

Application Process

To apply to the GLWI program, you will need to complete and submit a Student Application form along with required attachments and the $50 processing fee. In addition to the standard program application process, GLWI will conduct a program credit review for admission to the Certificate Completion Program. In order to begin this process, you must submit a transcript of any completed courses through other Waldorf training institutes verifying the course content and the number of hours spent in each course, the Experience Evaluation Application and the $50 verification fee.

Application forms and required documentation with fees may be sent in hard copy to:

GLWI, Ed. Dept. Mount Mary University, 2900 N. Menomonee River Pkwy, Milwaukee, WI 53222

You may be granted credit for some or all of your previously documented coursework. The GLWI Core Faculty will make an admissions decision, transfer credit decision, and course recommendations. Our program operates on a rolling admissions cycle and students can enter during any year of the program.

Application forms and required documentation may be emailed to: greatlakeswaldorf.org. Application fees may be made using the payment links following the application forms.

It is important to GLWI, as an AWSNA Associate Institute, both to recognize the accomplishments of our many experienced Waldorf teachers as well as to uphold a high standard of teacher education. We hope you find that this opportunity through the Experienced Educator Certificate Completion program provides both. We look forward to working with you!