AWSNA Loan-to-Grant and Matching Grant Programs

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen and support Waldorf schools and teacher education institutes throughout North America. One aspect of this is providing financial assistance to people training to be teachers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These programs are made possible by contributions to AWSNA from member schools, and by grants from various foundations, including the Waldorf Education Foundation.

AWSNA offers two programs for this purpose:

  1. Teacher Education Loan Program.
  2. This loan is for individuals interested in teaching in an AWSNA or Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) member or affiliated school, and is applicable for teaching training courses, not foundation courses. Loans are distributed on a yearly basis.

      In exchange for receiving the loan, applicants must agree to the following:

    1. You must be hired as a three-quarter to full-time teacher in an AWSNA or WECAN member school for a total of at least three consecutive academic years within three years after you graduate from the program. For each consecutive year that you teach three-quarter to full-time at an AWSNA or WECAN affiliated school, the loan will be converted to a scholarship by AWSNA, up to the entire loan balance. Any scholarship funds may be taxable income, and the student may wish to consult with an accountant or tax professional. Applicants who begin teaching prior to graduation may have these years of teaching retroactively applied towards the three years of service, as long as one of the three years occurs in the year immediately following graduation.
    2. Loans are interest-free during study and while teaching in an AWSNA or WECAN member school. If you do not meet the requirements of 1.a., as stated above, or should you fail to complete the teacher training, the loan you received must be repaid in full at 1% interest per month as described in the Teacher Education Fund loan contract.
  3. Currently Practicing Teacher (CPT) Matching Grant Program.
  4. This grant is for individuals already teaching in AWSNA or WECAN member or affiliated schools as they pursue their training. AWSNA provides outright grants that are matched by the school at which the applicant is teaching. Grants are distributed on a yearly basis. Where the combined total of AWSNA and school matching grants does not reach 100% of tuition, applicants may also apply for a teacher education loan with the approval of the teacher-training institute.

    How to Apply for the Loan and Grant Programs

    Applicants apply for the loan and/or grant program directly through the educational institute they are attending. Please contact the registrar or financial officer for an application. Your application will be reviewed by the institute and submitted along with other applications for the funds allocated to that institution.

    For CPT grants, the application must be accompanied by a letter from the school where the applicant teaches, specifying the maximum amount of matching funds the school will commit.

    Application deadlines are set by the institute, but are generally set in late May for summer and fall enrollment. Consult your institute for exact dates for application and award notification. Funds are distributed directly to the institute as tuition payments.

    Amount of the loan and grant varies each year and depends on the funding available.

AWSNA loan and grant applications will be distributed in the spring and funding awarded in the summer. Funds go directly to GLWI to pay for GLWI coursework.

GLWI Financial Assistance

GLWI is very happy to be able to offer to you the opportunity to apply for funding from our own GLWI Financial Assistance Fund. While the fund is relatively small, we are eager to continue to grow it over time through our annual appeal and other fundraising events and opportunities.

We offer this financial assistance for several reasons:

  • We know that those of you receiving financial aid as Master’s Degree students are not able to include the cost of the GLWI Foundations or GLWI Independent Study Fieldwork and Practicum courses in the financial aid determination.
  • The experiences received through the Fieldwork and Practicum courses are INVALUABLE to your development as a Waldorf teacher. These are essential courses and we seek to support your enrollment.
  • We honor the sacrifices you are making in your commitment to be Waldorf teachers in the service of children and the future of humanity.

Application criteria:

  • Students must be on track for completion, having completed all coursework so far in the cycle since they began the program.
  • Students need to be in good academic standing with a B average or above.
  • Any incomplete coursework must be completed by November 15 of the application year.
  • Students may not have any outstanding balances due with GLWI, unless they are clearly on a payment plan.

The process:

The application forms will be distributed in October and are due by November 15. Any applications received after that date will not be considered.

The GLWI Board will distribute among qualified applicants in proportion to the number of Independent Study credits a student is expected to take during the school year. Our goal is to credit student accounts by December 15.

MA Student Opportunities

Mount Mary University graduate students should contact the Mount Mary University Financial Aid Office for information and applications.